SAFE offers a caring, confidential, and nonjudgmental Christian support group plus up-to-date educational programs about addiction disease and the recovery process.  All meetings are open to both church and community — to anyone seeking a safe harbor to talk, to learn, or to pray for God’s guidance through the devastating turbulence of addiction disease.


Safe meets weekly each Monday evening at 6:00pm in Memorial Hall, room 24.






Alcohol and drug addiction happens in the best of families.

SAFE’s Ministry Mission

As witnesses to God’s love and grace, and  recognizing both the spiritual and the disease components of addiction, SAFE will strive to bring together the communities of Christian faith and medical science to provide services that will offer hope, help and healing to individuals and families struggling with addiction and its many related issues.

Our goals include —

— Creating awareness, speaking out, diminishing the current stigma attached to  addiction disease.

—- Providing well-rounded educational programs on addiction and recovery.

—- Offering small group meetings where participants can get needed information and caring support.

—– Providing easily accessible educational materials and referral resources.



Article about SAFE in United Methodist Church Special Program on Substance Abuse and Related Violence here.



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