“The CUMC ministry of prayer is designed, first and foremost, to glorify God.  This intimate relationship – which is begun and maintained through prayer and Bible study – with our triune Godhead is the foundation.  It is from this relationship that we acknowledge Christ’s lordship and leadership over each believer and the church as a whole. To encourage and foster prayer we make available teaching, written materials, prayer initiatives throughout the year, Sunday night prayer meetings offered monthly, alter prayer at the end of worship services, a prayer room, confidential prayer request locked box, an internet prayer chain, private personal prayer and prayer coverage in sudden circumstances; we also are continually learning and expanding.   To ask questions, ask for prayer and/or to join us, please contact:  Juli St. Clair (Prayer Coordinator 641-416-2171 julistclair@yahoo.com)

Feel free to make use of our Prayer Room located in the Sanctuary building adjacent to the Library.new-prayer-room-photo